Indian and Middle Eastern Hair Stylist NYC.

Shaun's clientele is globally diverse. As a stylist, Shaun has an affinity for Middle eastern and Indian hair types. Growing up partially in Vancouver B.C. Canada he was exposed to and schooled within a large East Indian community. 

Shaun specializes in both Middle Eastern and Indian hair not only because he is adept with the texture of both region's hair but because he loves it. The texture of these hair types create infinite possibilites styling wise and Shaun's own "strategic volume redistribution" technique and very specific layering had earned him loyal devotees from around the world, providing sustainable styles and totally wearable cuts. From Iran, Syria, Pakistan and Lebanon, to North India, Bhutan and Southern China, Shaun's followers come to him in NYC to maintain the integrety of their styles in a way that no other stylist can.

Not to mention the deep understanding of the specific needs for coloring on various hair types and textures.

Please take advantage of Shaun's comlimentary consultations for both coloring and cutting ideas.

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Indian middle eastern hair salon color style downtown nyc

224 West 4th Street, Suite #200
NYC, New York 10014



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