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Shaun SureThing, Colorist in New York City approaches color with broad strokes and an open mind. Specializing in Balayage highlights, blonde hair and pastel hair in Seagull Salo. Similarly to his cutting techniques, Shaun is largely self educated drawing on inspirations from nature, art and his immediate surroundings, shifting perspectives from one moment to the next. NYC is particularly inspiring to Shaun with it's juxtaposition of confined natural beauty in the context of urban architecture. The play of light is key in any hair coloring session. When performing color services, Shaun considers not only the actual color he is applying, but how the highlights and lowlights will engage with each other, not to mention the colors relationship to skin tones, eyes and features of each individual client. Hair coloring, ombre and highlights can create texture where there is very little or amplify what already exists. Shaun enjoys the playfulness of tonal interaction. Shaun's coloring expertise lies in the structure of colors rather than what he refers to as the "point and shoot" method of traditional hair coloring.




224 West 4th Street, Suite #200
NYC, New York 10014



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